About JKA Karate Shiroma NY

What is JKA Karate?

The Japan Karate Association (JKA) practices the original Shotokan karate style, as taught by Funakoshi Gichin Sensei, founder of modern day Karate.

JKA is headquartered in Japan and the JKA budo karate we uncompromisingly practice is specified by a Japanese-based Chief Instructor.

JKA karate is focused on developing and perfecting ‘kime’, requiring both mental and physical concentration. Kime is generated by the balance of strong stances, focus, timing and speed of techniques.

‘Point scoring’ is not the purpose of JKA karate- our focus is on the importance of dedication, commitment and discipline.

Who is JKA Karate Shiroma NY?

JKA Karate Shiroma NY organisation in USA with over 100 members, practicing across 4 branches or ‘dojos’.

What does JKA Karate Shiroma NY offer its branches and members?

1. Access to highly qualified instructors
Chief Instructor, Nishimura Shihan, conducts monthly training for JKAA instructors and other senior members.
JKAA has a highly qualified Technical Committee who oversee the consistent instruction throughout Australia.
Both the Chief Instructor and Deputy Chief Instructor travel to Japan twice a year to attend seminars run by JKA Headquarters, so they can impart the latest teachings and their experience with JKAA instructors and members.
JKAA also invites high ranking guest instructors from Japan at least once a year.

2. State and National Seminars & Competitions.
Victoria, South Australia and Queensland hold state seminars and competitions on an annual basis.
JKAA also hosts an annual national training seminar and competition with a guest instructor from JKA Headquarters.

3. Direct Membership to JKA HQ Japan.
Annual membership with JKAA includes individual registration with JKA Headquarters in Japan.

4. Opportunities to gain JKA qualifications.
As well as conducting regular black belt or ‘dan’ examinations, the JKAA Chief Instructor is also licenced to carry out examinations for members to gain qualifications as instructors, competition judges and grading examiners.

5. Dan grade recognition & transfer program
For those wishing to join JKAA from other Shotokan organisations, JKA has a black belt or ‘dan’ transfer system- when the required technical standard is demonstrated, existing dan ranks will be recognised. There is no official equivalent program for colour belts or ‘kyu’ grades however, it is common for students with prior experience to progress quickly through the kyu ranks.

6. Simple membership application
Individual members can join JKAA using this website- just click on the ‘Join’ button on the homepage and provide your details.
Once your membership has been accepted, you will be issued with an invoice and details on how to pay the subscription.
When your membership is due for renewal, a notice will be sent to your email address.
For enquiries about establishing a new JKAA branch, please use the Contact Form on the main page (under Enquires).

How to enquire
To get in touch with a particular branch, please select the relevant branch via the main menu at the top of the page, and use the Contact Form listed there.

If you need some general information about JKAA, please use the Contact Form in the main page (under Enquires).

We will contact you to discuss any questions you may have.